Post from iPad

Post from iPad

Ok so I haven’t been on here for a while and thought I needed to see what’s going on. I have access to a iPad from work and thought I test it out. I am not a big fan of iPad or any apple products. I just can’t find the right programs to use that not only work with what I use now but don’t cost an arm and a leg!! Anyway I downloaded the WordPress app and am takin in gift for a spin. It’s ok. Seen better apps but it works. I have some other articles that I would like to write but when it comes time to write I just get lazy. Hopefully I’ll get into a better mood and start posting more… Until next time. ……
Wait I see a microphone so… Is it like this story actually talking to the iPad to see how well it translates my to this post yes… Not bad in fact some of it was better than my laptop using dragon. Hmm if only I can figure out how to do the voice with my story monologue …… Ok times up



this post was straight from the iPad using WordPress app but one thing is that it didn’t ask for icon, or which category to add it to and to add tags. so I edit it online with the stuff I needed.

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